"Fury Meditation" (Traditional Pagan Dark Folk/Ambient/Nordic Folk)


"Fury Meditation" (Traditional Pagan Dark Folk/Ambient/Nordic Folk)

Gig Goer

Edit: All tracks in this playlist are used with instruments contemporary to the pre-christianization of the Germanic Paganistic people, or what you would probably call The Viking Age.



This features almost exclusively tracks from Wardruna, and a single track from Corvus Corax. The tracks are arranged in a specific order which I use to meditate. This will be expanded when I feel it grows old, and I'll include different artists. The reason why Wardruna dominates the playlist is because no other group excels at producing dark folk music at this level. 


Fun fact: The second track, Heimta Thurs was used in Vikings for the execution scene between Jarl Borg and Ragnar Lothbrok. 




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