re: new version 3-20 bug


re: new version 3-20 bug

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Remember the good old days when you could tell Spotify to play the first track of an album, and Spotify would continue to play consecutive tracks from that album?
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Surely turning Shuffle off would resolve this issue? Where are you using Spotify? I could point you in the right direction of where you might find it.

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When i first opened Spotify today, i got the banner advising i could close and reopen to get the new version of Spotify.

-Went through process, as i've done before.

-Noticed when i browse artists the page background is now white where it used to be black/grey.

-i had been playing various tracks by Jaco Pastorius before changing versions. Now, for example, i'll go to the "Best Of Love Unlimited Orchestra" and select the first track to play. Instead of playing track 2 after track 1, Spotify plays a track from Jaco Pastorius' catalog, but from varying albums.

-i have not used shuffle for many days, possibly more than a couple weeks.

-i am on a laptop with Windows7 running Chrome.


Thank you, David, for your interest.