hi i was offered a 3 month premium for 99 c and i tried to get it but after i paid i cant use it cause i already used an offer which is not right but still u kept the 99 c, i mean its just 1 euro but still u have to refund it since am not using 3 month premium.
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You should contact with Spotify Consumer Support asking for a refund filling this contact form.

If you receive an automated email that leads you back to the community or help pages, reply to it (even if it's from "no-reply") and one of the Spotify team members will get back to you as soon as possible.


Don't forget to check your Spam Box 😉

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I have the same problem!! I need a refund. Spotify have charged 4 times for an order on my credit card. Besides the order didn't work!! I am going to try to contact to Spotify replying their email. I hope I can resolve it. I feel cheated!!