the yellow rain project


the yellow rain project


Hey guys!

It's been a long time I've been using spotify by now, and I made a lot of playlists so far.
WIth this one, I want to try something different, because I believe it has an interesting concept: I need you guys to listen to the tracks I added already, make an own idea and interpretation about how I'd want it to sound (better if you get inspired by the title and pic ;)) and give me tips! I really want it to be longer, but I got stuck already 😕


I'm excited about the idea of finding other people who has the same perspective that I have on that, but of course I'm open to good ideas I haven't think about!
Even if you don't have suggestions on how to improve the playlist, please just tell me what you feel after listening, whether you like it or not, and just what you think in general.


The name of the playlist is (but may change in future):

"the yellow rain project"


Enjoy 🙂

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