time stopped


time stopped


is there a song that you remember hearing for the first time, or a special occassion, where when the music played, time stopped. you can remember every sensation, sight, smell, touch, sound, you remember where you were and who with and why? a moment in time where, when you hear the song again now, you are taken back to that moment. and can see and smell and hear it all again? what is the song, and the memory? 


one moment for me, was when i was 12 or so, and my best friend and his brother who was also a best friend had come over to my house for a visit and we were all watching music videos on tv. the movie armageddon was the pop culture phenome of the moment, and aerosmiths song I dont wanna miss a thing came on. i loved that song. i started singing along to all the lyrics. and my friends, boys, who didnt much care for the romantic feel of the movie, or understood why all their girl friends would cry at it, just looked at me like i was an alien. I realized then that our long standing friendship would probably end soon. not because they didnt like my song, and not even because they were boys and i was a girl, but because we were no longer children really. i am not sure what made me realise this at this point but i knew we were growing up and that we were allready moving in different directions. we would each get busy with various social lives apart from each other. my mother was their babysitter so they would be over every day, and we were very close. but once puberty hit, it all changed. i dont think we would have actually ever been friends if they had never needed a babysitter years earlier. anyway sure enough by a few months later we werent in touch anymore really. all moved on to other friends. 



feeder high


another song was High by Feeder. i dont know why this particular song. i wasnt even a big fan of feeder, i dont really listen to them anymore these days. but it was the moment i guess. i was in my kitchen because thats where my pc was and i was chatting with online friends who had become very important to me and one friend i had started getting close to, started recommending me all his favourite artists and this was one and it was like the first one that finished transfering over to me and to this day when i hear it, i remember that kitchen and i remember that computer and i remember that my mom and all my aunts n uncles and grandparents had all gone to a giant family reunion out of town and i had to stay home with my 2 dogs and my grandparents dog. i didnt mind, it was the first time i was left alone for longer than a day. i had 3 days of freedom with no school since it was summer to enjoy.  all the songs this friend sent me i ended up blasting on my speakers since the tennant of the upstairs apartment (my uncle) had gone to this reunion too. lol probably bothered the neighbours but oh well. i was 16 and it was august. this must have been 2001. just before 9/11. but yeah the song is kinda stupid lol. 


another moment, was a recent one. my grandmother recently died and i will always remember a song that the female singer sang at her funeral. it was from the toy story soundtrack too. it was just a sad song. everyone crying. one of my little cousins was sobbing and sobbing and though it was a difficult moment it was also a beautiful one because it showed how much this woman was loved. so theres that. 

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Armageddon has a great soundtrack, I'm not surprised you have big memories of it 🙂

In the orchestral parts there are 2 parts very emblematic for me, the first one is 'wing and prayer' where harry says goodbye to grace before the final moment.
Another one maybe less often mentionned but a one I listen looped is 'the shuttle crash'
When they are flying through the debris and Independance gets hit, you have that very sad music that starts, a beautiful one =3

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