[tool] Releases: list releases by followed artists


[tool] Releases: list releases by followed artists

Casual Listener

I just published this: http://toki-woki.net/lab/spotify-releases


Might look similar to Swarm.fm but is only focused on followed artists, nothing more, nothing less.


Tell me what you think!

Also interested in feature suggestions or bug reports 🙂


ps: If you see a release that does not belong to the artist (because Spotify is drunk sometimes), there's a handy "report" link in the overflow menu at the top-right of the screen. Just saying 🙂

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Gig Goer

I like it! I've used Swarm.fm daily for about 3 years now and it's sometimes overwhelming to keep up with and seems to be losing functionality over time with no support from the creator.


It seems this only shows artists that are "followed" per spotify's follow buttons? I'll have to make sure I start actually following the artists I like 😃


One thing I liked in particular was the option to "open in spotify" or "add to spotify" this way I could quickly add all the songs and then drop them in a playlist to listen to at a later point in time. Is this functionality that could potentially be added?


Right now the history goes back until May 3rd for me. Is there a limit of 1 month for new releases or just how far back it goes currently?


Great work! It's ridiculous that it takes 3-4 web and desktop apps to make Spotify function the way I need (or the way it used to), so I appreciate those who take on filling in the gaps.