[Discover] Spotify Radio that’s NOT tailored to you

When I find a great song, I used to love going to Spotify Radio of that song to give me 30-50 similar tracks.


My issue is that Spotify now tailors the 30-50 songs that it suggests based on songs that I’ve already listened to on Spotify in general. I don’t want Spotify to recommend songs I’m already listening to!!!! Please please please stick to providing recommendations that are most similar to the song that I liked initially! 

I used to think Radio was the best way for discovery, but now I feel like it’s difficult for me to find great similar songs on their radio feature because they are just showing songs that I’ve already streamed a lot. So sad!

Music Fan

Right, I thought their algorithm would improve recommendations the more I listened, but it actually quickly degraded to being totally useless! I have returned to finding new music by searching for similar artists myself.

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I think Spotify doesn't want us to get to know new music at all. The app is so badly designed. You have to look for everything.


I have exactly the same issue with it. It used to be much better. 

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Updated on 2021-02-19

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