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FAQ: What is Only You?


Hey folks,


Check out Only You, a display of stats and stories about how you listen and what makes your taste so unique to you - now available for a limited time in the Spotify app. 


It includes stories you can share and mixes you can save to celebrate your you-niverse, and the creators, fans, places and memories that evolve within it. 


Find it in the Spotify mobile app in Home, or by searching ‘Only You’. Here's some more info for everyone curious of the details:


What listening period does Only You cover? 

The data in Only You is from the last 6 months (Dec 2020 - May 2021) of listening on Spotify. 


Is this available for free accounts?

Yes, you can access your personalized Only You if you have Free or Premium.


Does everyone have the same experience in terms of the data stories they see?


For the most part, everyone who’s eligible has the same experience, but there are some stories you may not have enough data to get. 

For the following stories, you need to have listened to over 30, 30 second streams across 5 artists in the last 6 months:
- Artist
- Dissonance
- Dinner Party
- Song Year
- Genres/Topics

For the Horoscope story, you need to have made a new discovery of an artist in the last 6 months which involves streaming multiple tracks.

For the Time of Day story, we use data from the past 6 months - no minimum data required.


What do the Only You stories mean?

  • My Audio Birth Chart: Shows your Sun (your top artist), Rising (your recent artist discovery), and Moon (your most emotive artist).
  • Artist Pairs: Brings together unique artist pairs you’ve listened to recently.
  • Your Dream Dinner Party: You can select your top 3 artists you’d invite to dinner. Here, you can get Spotify Mixes for each artist, which you can save.
  • Song Year: How you’ve musically travelled through different periods of time.
  • Time of Day: Highlights what you listen to early in the morning, in the afternoon or late at night.
  • Genres: Showcases how genres set you apart based on your listening habits.


What data is used for the Audio Birth Chart experience?

The Audio Birth Chart is based on the concepts of sun, moon and rising signs. It’s not based on your date of birth. 


Will the Dinner Party mixes always be available?

In the Only You in-app experience, you’ll get three Dinner Party mixes from your favorite artists. You can save these mixes, or find them in Search or Home under Made for You. We won’t remove the Dinner Party mixes. 
I’m eligible, but I can’t see my mixes!
If you’re eligible and you can’t see your mixes, try updating your app to the latest version. You can also try typing ‘Only You’ into the search bar. If you’re still having trouble, you can reach out to our support team to take a closer look.
Why isn’t Only You available in my country?
We often introduce different campaigns in different markets, and we may roll it out to other markets at some point. 
I don’t recognize an artist/genre on my Only You.
Only You is designed to show you how you listen and what is most unique to you. If you see an artist or genre you don’t recognize, it could be due to factors such as leaving Spotify to play in the background, or listening to similar tracks once your chosen song/playlist has ended.


Are podcasts included?

Yes. If podcasts are available in your region, they’re included for Genre and Time of Day stories.
Did Private Session and offline listens count for my result? 
We don’t include private/incognito listens but we do include offline listens.
Is Only You available on Spotify Lite?
No, Only You isn’t available on Spotify Lite.
Can I access Only You on my desktop? 
No, Only You is only available on mobile (iOS and Android). You can still get your mixes on desktop though by searching ‘Only you’.
Will I still get my 2021 Wrapped?
Yes. Only You is completely separate from the Wrapped campaign.


I didn't receive my horoscope story.

We’re sorry to hear you didn’t get your horoscope story this time. Keep discovering new artists to unlock all Only You stories next time.

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