I'm having trouble with my 2019 Wrapped




Hope you're enjoying your decade in music!

We're aware that there are a lot of questions around Wrapped 2019, so we've put together a Wrapped FAQ, and here we aim to resolve any further questions that you may have around Wrapped.

  • We'd recommend checking the FAQ first, for general questions. 


1. Why am I seeing inaccurate tracks/artists in my Wrapped playlists?

  • We have some more information on why this might be happening in this Spotify Answer

2. The Wrapped banner is not clickable on Android.

3. Where is the SHARE YOUR DECADE button when sharing my stats?

  • If you're trying to share your stats, rest assured the SHARE YOUR 2019 button on the Decade slide will still let you share your Decade.

4. I'm getting the error message, "Hmmmm something's not working".

  • If you're getting this error or something similar, we'd recommend trying the below steps out:
    - Reinstall
    - Try once more, in an incognito window
    - Check to see if the same thing happens on a different device

If you're having trouble with your Wrapped and this hasn't answered your question, please head to the Help boards! We'll do our best to lend a hand there.