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Accounts switched???

Accounts switched???



I've written to you several times the last month and you couldnt figure out what has happend to my account


You see i lost everything on my account. Everything. Playlists, subscription, receipts and so on... This happened one day after i used my cousins iPad to log into Spotify with Everything went as i excepted but one day after i lost everything. When I got home, i couldnt figure out what happened nor could you.


Not i am at my cousins and i asked her to log into spotify (not the application, bot on on my PC using her login. So she did and there it all was! My receipts for the last three month i had premium. She then logged in to her account on the iPad using her log in and there was my Playlists too!


But as she is not a user of spotify due to her age (shes 10), she havent used spotify at all and therefore couldnt tell me about this.


So now i have figured out what has happened to my account, something that you guys obviously couldnt.  I do not know why this happened but can you please transfer everything from her account to mine?

Her account is and mine is


And another thing.. Because of your buggy application i have lost month of premium due to the fact that my account had been transfered to her account. Can you please give me another month or just pay back the money for the last month?


The receipt is:

Order number49602217017
Payment method 
RetailerSpotify ApS.
VAT numberDK33785348
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