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Advertisements on Premium sub

Advertisements on Premium sub

Alright, Spotify. 


Let’s make one thing very clear. I have ads on my home screen, which I cannot control. I detest this, but it’s fair, I guess. You want to promote your sh*t, I want to ignore the sh*t you promote. 


I don’t use the home screen and only browse sections relevant to me. Ok.


But displaying pop-up ads in my app when I boot it is ducking unacceptable. Knock that sh*t off or I’m cancelling the family account. I see enough BS ads on freemium douchenozzlery, I will not tolerate this kind of rampant advertising on an account I pay over 15dollars CAD a month for the privilege to use.




Edit: So apparently posting from the main screen dumps your topic in Playlist Exchange. Ok. It's in the wrong place, so I'm sorry. My complaint stands, though. I will repost it in the right subcategory if necessary.

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