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Can't change email address

Can't change email address

I can't change my email address on spotify. I am not using the one registered anymore, and I am being told my current address is already in use. Any suggestions as to what I could do?

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If the new address is currently in-use, try logging into that account if you remember a password, or if not, try resetting your password for that email.

Thank you for the reply. Tried doing that, but all I got was this message: It looks like you are using your Facebook credentials to log in to Spotify. To change your Facebook password go to your settings page [moderator edit]


That address does not function all that well.

Interesting - Have you tried logging in to Spotify through a Facebook account? It looks to me that someone (possibly, you) logged into Spotify through a Facebook account that is/was linked to that email address.


Try logging in through Facebook, and report back your findings 🙂

Tried logging in through facebook. My new email is also registered there. Also tried the log out everywhere choice on the Spotify page. Still can't change the address. Or log in with it.. 

Man, this would probably be so much easier if Spotify actually had support.. Not that I don't appriciate your help, but I'm sure they could go into the account and fix it in a heartbeat..

Try sending a Tweet to @SpotifyCares. They're actual Spotify staff, so they should be able to help you!

Just contact them through this link: Contact Spotify Support ( Email Update).

Request to change your email this way as changing it through "edit my profile" currently does not work.


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Hey @theio87


Since you created your Spotify account using Facebook, the email address registered on your account can only be changed through your Facebook settings.


To do that:

  1. Log in to your account page
  2. Click EDIT PROFILE.
  3. Under Email, enter your new email address.
  4. Confirm your password.

And you're done! A confirmation email will be sent to both the old and new email address detailing the changes.


Note: When you change your settings on facebook it does not update immediately. The information should sync with the Spotify servers which may take up to24/48 hours. 

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