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Gifting a subscription

Gifting a subscription

Am I simply missing something here? I want to be able to gift one of my best-beloveds a premium subscription, but short of having her sign in and then subscribing, I don't see a way to do this. Having to do so isn't out of the question, but it would rather ruin the surprise factor of just being able to do it.

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Hi Vanya, 


Glad to hear you want to share Spotify!


At the moment I'm afraid we're not offering any e-cards in the US, but we hope to introduce something in the near future.

The best place to look for updates on this would be the Spotify Blog

Thanks for the quick response, Meredith. That's rather what I expected might be the case. It'd seem from an external perspective that there'd be a good use case/user story pair to support this sort of functionality, but I'm sure that the development and business teams have quite a bit of work planned and prioritzed already. 🙂

i thinking of getting spotfire how much is it a month for unlimited and premium

Why not see for yourself right here!

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