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Playlist funnyness

Playlist funnyness

I've been having this issue since using the spotify beta introducing "Apps", now, even with the official version I still have the issue.


Basically what happens is play list folders appear and dissapear, playlists don't stay where I put them, they'll jump back to their original spot, sometimes to somewhere completely different. Folders will dissapear leaving the playlists in them. Sometimes, after adding a playlist, folders and old playlists that I've deleted in the past *reappear*!


This has basically made my ability to use the playlist feature useless as I can have no trust in my organization or that a new playlist will remain.


Is this something that is being looked at? Is there a way to have all my playlists, current and deleted, "wiped" from my account all together, perhaps to fix the problem?

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It is possible to save entire playlists by selecting them all and drag and dropping them into a text document.


If you haven't tried it already, can't really offer any advice other than maybe try removing them all, and adding them all again.

We've taken a look at your account and tried something - Just reinstall Spotify and hopefully everything should be fine now.

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So should I uninstall Spotify and then reinstall? Will I need to do this on all the computers I have spotify installed on? What about my mobile devices?

That would be ideal - although if you use Spotify regularly over a wide number of computers this could be a hassle. The main computers you use should be the ones you should try first however. 

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well, hard to say if it's fixed my initial issues, but I can say now it's doing other weird things that it wasn't doing before, including moving things into playlist folders when I try and add a new playlist, including moving a playlist folder into a new playlist folder of the same name, ie















also, rearranging playlists is still finicky as it seems sometimes it wants to put it into a playlist folder that the cursor is not currently over.

with yesterday's OSX update that looks to be working ok. now if only the linux version would get some love...

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