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Podcast Library and Climate Emergency Response

Podcast Library and Climate Emergency Response

(iPhone 11,  Macbook Pro late 2016)
Operating System
(iOS most recent. Macbook, most recent)
Spotify has invested massively into podcasting yet the podcast feature are totally lame. The a coupled of things that just grate me and would be so easy to solve:
* SEARCH IS SERIOUSLY HITTING IT TERRIBLY (S>H>I>T): Once you're in a podcast, you can't search for episode with a search. I know what number, or who was interviewed, or the ep name, a particular pod, but I have to do an overall search on spotify. It's super annoying because I like digging through old podcast for episodes I've loved in the past. Super easy to add this feature and I can't understand why it's not there.
* As I understand it you can make a pod playlist on phone app but not on desktop/macbook? This is so frustrating and surprising because Daniel Ek seems like such a polymath.
* On the phone you can select > menu > add to playlist. Done.
* Desktop you cannot add in anyway. WHY? You can drag and drop into playlist. You can menu > add to playlist.
* PODCAST PLAYLIST ARE LUMPED IN WITH MUSIC: It's messy and annoying. They are totally different media formats, they should have seperate homes. Would LOVE to click into podcast and have my podcast library nice and neatly arranged away from my music library.
* ALSO THE SORTING IS S>H>I>T: It's just a general mountain of different podcasts all lumed together. The sort function give you the options to sort by NAME or RECENTLY ADDED. Have recently added is a nod toward a sort method, but it is just so low effort. For a company I'm paying, and have been paying $11 a month to, I expect more. Improving UE is not a big expense and the payoff could be huge. I usually use other podcast apps because they have better sorting methods.
* I want to make my own folders, according to themes that I curate. I wan to have a playlist library in the podcast section and have it easy to search though and sort.
* The FILTER option when you click through to a show is limited to All Episodes, and unplayed episodes. This again shows a complete lack of imagination. What about a search function within the show, that would improve my experience almost 100%. What about BY THEME, that way podcaster could input data to compile their shows in a way if thye wanted to (like bankless could theme: rollups, announcements, interviews, bonus, specific protocol, lay 2 etc) That would be GREAT as there is such a rich library of knowledge that I want to access with ease.
* PRESENTATION: Daniel can you please improve the MAIN PODCAST SECTION. It's incredibly basic and it makes me use other apps. Can you PLEASE make those tiles smaller, or at least adjustable. I just don't want to spend time in that menu it's so frustrating. I'd rather see a list and tiny tiles personally. And I would love to be able to compile my list according to my own curation, so I could create a file ie "regenerative design" and then add shows I felt related to that theme. Would also be nice that I could add a show multiple times to different files. For example, Reply All, for me, would belong in my "Driving" file, and to my "Tech Narratives" file.
* Can you make it a little customisable please Daniel Ek??? Show a little Swedish style and grace. 
* You could also have an AMAZING SOCIAL FEATURE to share episodes with friends/communities. Not just share a link.. I guess people take the link and share on socials, but personally if I could share via spotify I think I would.
* Could have little write ups
* Make conversations pages similar to reddit. Discuss topics, moderate, fact check, promote civil discourse, INTRODUCE IDEAS ON HOW TO ADDRESS THE CLIMATE **bleep** WE'RE ENTERING
* memes in shared link
* Could have groupd discussions around the podcast
* Could have a voice record feature so you can summarise and share thoughts. Try and replicate the experience of a good dinner party with fascinating conversation.
* Could be anonymous/pseudonymous community discussion around a particular podcast episode, theme, movement, cause, tecchnology, etc.
* This could be a HUGE HELP because at the moment spotify looks incredibly bad to the public. Well, in my opinion anyways... All the miss info stuff, Joe Rogan, Neil leaving etc.
* Joe Rogan is right in a way. We should be able to express ourselves and have conversations together to find common ground, to understand each other and to grow together. He just shouldn't be so poopy as to convince millions of his listeners that vaccines are bad or a global pandemic isn't so bad or whatever Joe's been saying.
* Just as one person should not have such a huge soap box, one company (you) should be the gatekeeper of the worlds music. It doesn't belong to you, it belongs to us all, including you.
This could be absolute gold. I don't know why I'm just giving this to you. I expect this might all be being developed right now. I can't believe you
PS. Daniel. Are you not wealthy/powerful/proud enough now? What more do you need? Why don't you exit! Out of all the tech super giants you are someone who could do this. This is what you are about, constant imagination and progress toward human values and thriving. Right now, for the most part you simply represent the most recent iteration of a old legacy thinking: What's in it for me?
Why don't you instead ask: What's in it for us??
Make an exist plan, digitise Spotify's assets/share, leaving the stock marker, create decentralised exchange on one of the Layer2s like Loopring or Solana, create a community DAO, GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY OF ARTISTS AND CONSUMERS. End the story of corporate parasitism in the music industry. For the love of GAIA. That would be something to be proud of.
Take the Greenpill Daniel Ek
This quote hits Spotify hard in my opinion.

Bankless: Crypto is here to set us free
In Web2 and traditional finance, value flows inwards.
Value accrues to the insiders—the founders, the investors, the billionaires.
As a result, it’s created malicious and misaligned platforms that have sucked us in.
But in Web3, this value flow is reversed.
It flows outwards. It accrues to anyone that interacts with it.
This creates a new system that’s better aligned with human values.
And when we create value-aligned systems, our society get better.
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IPCC: Summary for Policymakers
As a species, we're literally allowing ourselves fry, starting at the equator. When you compare effort to risk - collectively we are making this worse.
The future is not here, it's just an idea. It's an idea that we need to imagine, and try to bring to life. If there ever was a triage list of actions, to combat/prepare against global heating, Reflecting solar radiation would be very high on that list.
The MEER:ReflEction Framework
Tao Lab @ The Rowland Institute at Harvard
The MEER Framework combines complementary strategies to produce synergism for mitigating intractable environmental problems. These problems include falling food production, dying ecosystems, escaping arctic methane, rising surface temperatures worldwide, and a sluggish transition to renewable energy. As its top engineering objective, MEER prioritizes maximizing the health and functioning of ecosystems while minimizing ecological harm from resource extraction.
Earth’s ecosystems run on the power of sunlight. Mirrors are versatile tools that enable us to manage sunlight and convert it to clean and sustainable energy.
The Earthshine strategy seeks to deploy durable and scalable arrays of glass mirrors to reflect sunlight back into space, away from Earth and her atmosphere. These mirrors can increase Earth's shine, or albedo, and, therefore, cool the climate and help ecosystems stay within temperature ranges that support life.
To complement this strategy, we envision various designs for other arrays of glass mirrors that can harness electrical and thermal energy, can produce a strong cooling effect on local environments, can increase the energy and food security of communities that deploy the mirror arrays, and can provide resilience for people in the Global South.
Last note: Music, art, discussion; culture, needs to be bootstrapped in order for mass impact / regenerative transformation. Story telling is the oldest form of coordination, and that's why podcast are so popular. And story telling is an emergency.
Stop gobbling up majority share and spread the love. We need a massive transformation and that comes from us all having the time and resources to combat the existential threats that are becoming more and more apparent.
Daniel Ek and the Spotify team are good people with strong community values. Spotify has so much potential in becoming a conversation house of the world and of Climate Emergency Response Mechanisation.
Wow that really turned into something else.
If any one ever reads this far, thanks for your attention.

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