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Seems I have the problem with duplicate accounts

Seems I have the problem with duplicate accounts

I tried to send the password of my regular spottily account to my email, but it keeps saying I use my facebookcredentials to log in, so now I can´t get access to the playlists.

Read a little and it seems I have the problem with the duplicate account problem that reemerges all over this forum.


A little help would be appreciated

Kapten Rödskägg

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Hi there,


Yes it seems you also created a duplicate account with us. 


Not to worry, I've now deleted this duplicate account for you. Please try to request a password change again but be sure to enter your original username (not your email address). 


If you'd like to connect your original account to Facebook go through your Preferences, which can be accessed through Edit » Preferences in Windows or Spotify » Preferences in Mac. Just scroll to the bottom and press 'Connect to Facebook' to get started.

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