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Spotify window loses dimensions when being minimized/reopened.

Spotify window loses dimensions when being minimized/reopened.






Lenovo P14s

Operating System

Windows 11 (also had issue on Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

I've been having this issue for ages - frustration has finally driven me to find a solution.


Similar issue to what seems to be being explained in this topic:


However this item is marked 'solved' and it's solution doesn't work for me. Have tried multiple clean installs, etc and no change.

The issue: No matter what size or shape the application window is, when I minimise and reopen, it has resized to a large square window that's taller than my screen, cutting off the entire controls to the bottom.


InterestinIy it remembers the top left X,Y position on the screen, but not the window size. If I had to guess, it's reopening to something like 1500x1500 as a default. the top left point will always be where it was, but the window size is reset every time to the same oversized dimensions regardless of position.


This only does it on my 1440p monitor, which is a samsung 34" ultrawide running 3440x1440. When I have the window on my 4k laptop screen the window position and size is retained.


My desktop plugged into the same screen with same resolution works perfectly fine. Whish leads me to believe it's something to do with my laptop running 2 screens of different resolutions, it seems to not be able to remember dimensions when on the second screen (which is selected as primary monitor in windows if that matters).


Super annoying when you are trying to quickly pause / etc. when a call is coming in.

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