Japanese Rock & Metal music playlist \m/


Japanese Rock & Metal music playlist \m/


Hey. Don't know where to start with Japanese Rock, Metal & alternative music?

The please check out and follow my playlist - Tokyo Noise: Rock & Metal from Japan!




These are my fav J-tracks I've come across . It's best played with shuffle button on.


I only try to put 2 tracks max from any 1 band. If you like any of the bands please go check out their albums, and lets get Japanese Rock and Metal out there!

I've got Japanese Rock, Metal & Alternative music from all over the J-rock / J-metal scene.  Not just Visual Kei & Anime bands.


Let me know of any bands that are not there, always looking for new Japanese bands I've not heard of \m/



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Casual Listener

Thanks for sharing. This is a playlist of independent Japanese music, from rock, hip-hop to JPop.


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