New Reggae — A Bittersweet Debut


New Reggae — A Bittersweet Debut

Brooklyn Reggae band, The Frightnrs, released an outstanding debut on Daptone Records in 2016 — produced by the great Ticklah. With two great backers like that, you'd think everything was going their way. But, shortly before the release, Dan Klein their lead singer, died of ALS. Read the tragic story and how the band keeps going here on Bandcamp.


The Frightnrs and their album, Nothing More To Say, exemplify today's soulful Reggae sound. There's a lot of songs about love lost played over vintage Jamaican music grooves, recorded live straight to analog tape for that 70s sound. This band is tight! The rhythms are deep and the organ groove sets the mood for Dan Klein's distinctive vocals to tell the story.


Another intoxicating Reggae album from 2016 is Hudson Soul from Jim The Boss on Boom One Records, and created at Hoboken Hi-Fi. Jim the Boss brings you his "Hudson Soul" sound that has made waves in the Reggae community. This album is full of mind-blowing Dub & modern instrumental Reggae at its finest.


Through the use of his hand designed and built electronics, and his seasoned studio band, Hudson Soul is reminiscent of the Channel One productions in the 1970s. This new album is a compilation of past productions at Hoboken Hi-Fi and new riddims with new voices.


Reggae producer, Victor Rice, lends one of his most popular riddims "Type A" to Jim for this record, which also features a performance by Slackers co-founder David Hillyard. Jim the Boss also introduces a fresh new singer hailing from California, Jah Adam, who is featured prominently on this release.


Listen to the album here, and get the album on Bandcamp because proceeds benefit the family of Dan Klein the singer from The Frightnrs that died of ALS.


Do yourself a favor and dig deeper into the extensive work of these producers, and the back catalogs of all these brilliant bands. There is so much fantastic contemporary Reggae music among them to explore whenever you need to listen to some fun, uplifting tropical music.


Listen to The Frightners' debut + their other singles, as well as Hudson Soul in this playlist...