Ripple Music Sampler Playlist!


Ripple Music Sampler Playlist!


Greetings Community!


I want to introduce to your ears a record label based out of San Ramon, CA that specializes in hard and heavy retro rock, stoner rock and proto metal. Formed in 2010 after beginning as a music review blog, The Ripple Effect, in 2007 - Ripple is home to some of the best heavy underground bands currently making music - featuring acts from the US as well as overseas. Other than having the label's music on Spotify, Ripple produces high quality Vinyl packages and CD's for all releases. Ripple also helps out independent bands and other small labels that are outside the US and don't have any US distribution of their own, with their Heavy Ripples Distro.


Below is a link to a sampler playlist that features a few tracks from most of the releases that Ripple has put out. Throw on shuffle and immerse yourself in over 8 hours of tracks. I hope you hear something you like and discover something new and exciting in what Ripple has to offer. If you enjoy it, please give the label a follow on Spotify and the other socials below, it's much appreciated!


Thanks for listening!




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