"An Unorthodox Collection" Playlist


"An Unorthodox Collection" Playlist

Casual Listener

Hi everyone, I'm new to the exchange. Check out my playlist I've attached and if you like it, show some love, give it a follow! Share yours as well & I'll follow, I'm always curious for new styles and new music.

An Unorthodox Collection: Updated regularly! Genres: EDM (House, Electro, Trance, Hardcore, DnB) ; Rap; Pop; HipHop; RnB Soul; Downtempo; Reggae; Dancehall and many more!

Although long, my playlist makes a transition from a chill mood to a mental one. Your experience with my collection goes as follows: You start out feeling all floaty and calm and as you keep listening you go through a few moods before reaching the final tunes that go the hardest.