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CarThing launches Spotify app when connected - iPhone

CarThing launches Spotify app when connected - iPhone

Plan: Premium

Country: USA



iPhone 13 Pro

Operating System

iOS 15.6


I have CarThing installed in my Tesla Model 3. When I park in the garage to charge the car, 12v accessories remain powered on until the vehicle finishes charging and goes into deep sleep. Also, the car periodically wakes up from deep sleep to check for updates, etc and when it does, it also powers 12v accessories. 

When I’m in my house I move in and out of Bluetooth range of the CarThing and every time it connects (either from getting within range or the car waking up briefly) the Spotify app is launched. If I am right on the edge of Bluetooth range sometimes this will happen over and over and over. It’s very annoying that Spotify keeps trying to take over my phone. 

Please add a setting to disable automatically launching the Spotify app when CarThing connects via Bluetooth. 


6 Replies

Launching the Spotify app automatically is good because otherwise you might have to do it manually in order for Car Thing to connect. However, we are looking into ways of only performing the launch when the phone is within ideal range from Car Thing.


I wouldn’t mind manually launching the Spotify app to get it to connect with the accessory properly. I understand why the decision was made for this to be the default behavior, it makes sense for the vast majority of users. However a preference in the app to disable this behavior (with an explanation of the side effects) would be nice for those who use CarThing in non-standard deployments. I imaging people who use CarThing on their desk or in a home theater setup experience similar problems when on the verge of being out of range of the device. 

I'd like to expand on this, but for a different reason. When I start my vehicle and CarThing launches, it starts playing automatically. I'd love an option that prevents it from starting playback. I don't mind that it launches Spotify on my phone, but I've burned through so much useless cellular data not realizing that it was playing (either I have FM radio on or a passenger in the car and I've turned the radio/volume off).

Can I please have the option to turn this off? It would be nice to have control over a feature so disruptive…

I got one on fire sale for home use a couple days ago and I might have to return it because it’s like a **bleep**ing ghost in my phone. Spotify comes on and starts playing randomly. Volume slider pops up randomly. I’ve made a huge mistake. **bleep** at the youtubers that recommended this.


I’m guessing it’s in wind down mode and it won’t be fixed?

Agreed, this is extremely disruptive and should absolutely be a toggleable preference!

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