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Needs to be Bluetooth Receiver with AUX Output

Needs to be Bluetooth Receiver with AUX Output

For Car Thing to really be useful for me, it needs act as a Bluetooth receiver with it's own AUX output port so it can always be connected to my car.


My car has an AUX input that I plug into my phone and then mount my phone horizontally on the window. This creates almost the same thing as Car Thing. The annoying step with the whole process is remembering to pull my phone out of my pocket and plug in the AUX input every time I get in my car. On shorter drives I don't bother with the whole step of plugging my phone in and mounting it. What I need is for Car Thing to become my Bluetooth receiver that is always plugged in and ready to go when I start my car. Otherwise it's just adding another cord dangling from my dashboard, and a redundancy to my current setup.

I feel like the point of Car Thing is to reduce distracted drivers, but if someone doesn't remember to plug their phone in before driving, it's not solving the distracted driver fumbling for their phone and searching around for the AUX cable while on the move. In my other vehicles with Bluetooth, I can just get in and it starts playing. That's what this needs to be.


If thickness is a concern for adding this component, maybe there could be 2 options, 1 that's a Bluetooth receiver with AUX output, and 1 that's not.

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Can understand that must be frustrating if the car doesn't have bluetooth. Unfortunately that's not how Car Thing works right now. It will connect to your phone automatically once it's set up, and you can leave Car Thing set up in the car plugged in to power socket. So you'll just have to connect your phone via Aux to the car, but then you can put it away out of sight and just use Car Thing to control Spotify, including voice.

This is also why I want to get one car thing, because my car does not have bluetooth! Eventhough, I can buy some bluetooth reciver to achieve this function. However, none of them looks as nice as car thing. Most important, the connection by AUX is really good consideration for car owners like me!

Yes! Totally agree. I bought this assuming this would transform my Aux experience into Bluetooth. Then I could have my iPhone connected to the power cord instead of the iPhone to Aux adapter cable thing. It’s basically worthless. You should definitely offer two versions.

I did recently disciver there is a Bluetooth to aux adapter on Amazon. I’m going to try that out, but I wish Car Thing did this for me.

I almost ordered one, while I realize it does not have AUX out to connect to car audio.
What is a purpose to have this wired on dashboard if I still must wire my phone too avery time I sit in my car.
What would be price of a jack connector and a bit of SW tweak to stream BT audio through it?

Yeah, you don't need it. After realizing that it did NOT substitute for the
Aux plug-in and reading this thread, I bought a little bluetooth thing that
plugs into my Aux on amazon and it works great!!

I did the same exact thing.

I still enjoy the car thing; sometimes I forget my phone on the vent mount which is why I leave it in my pocket, but I was thinking the same thing, it should of have dual function, apart as a ting a Spotify remote control, it should had the possibility of having aux out too.


For those of you that want a Bluetooth adapter in the car without having a switch where you have to switch on or off every single time, look up Palovue Bluetooth adapter. So far it's okay even that price is a bit high, but I tried the other cheap adapters and this one gives better sounds quality.

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