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Spotify car thing discontinued

Spotify car thing discontinued



Premium family 




(iPhone xs

Operating System

Idk whatever iOS they on now


My Question or Issue

I have had Spotify since it came out; I upgraded to a premium plan with my family in 2018. The decision to stop supporting Car Thing breaks my heart. My truck doesn't have bluetooth or a display so when Spotify Car Thing came out I was ecstatic. I love Spotify I have always thought it was way better than apple music because they would try to make**bleep** like the car thing and they weren't some huge heartless corporation like apple. But this and the fact that our premium plan gets raised a dollar all the time has made me rethink my position. 


My whole family uses I phones and have been discussing switching to apple music for YEARS. I WAS ALWAYS THE ONE TO KEEP THEM WITH SPOTIFY. Now I am over it if you don't make this right and my car thing stops working in December we will be switching to apple music.

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Hello All, 

I am a lover of the Car Thing, beyond being a lover of the Car Thing, it has found a very important place in my life and I need to keep it alive. 

My girlfriend cares for a boy with Down's Syndrome and to make a long story short, the Car Thing has been a game changer for making him enjoy the experience of riding in a car. For this reason, after the devastating news this morning, I have made it my mission to extend the life of Car Thing beyond December 2024.

I would like to acknowledge that there has already been some work done in cracking the Car Thing, but I believe that there is a path forward in which Spotify opens the software to the community and allows the community to take ownership/stewardship of the device. It happens all the time and would be a massive win for the lovers of the Car Thing.

I can already guarantee that if Car Thing does in fact go poof in December, Spotify will lose a number of longtime subscribers, myself included. They can avoid the second wave of backlash and unsubscriptions by working with the community to breath life and value into the Car Thing for essentially ZERO cost. I am not asking for documentation or nice SDKs, just give us what you have (unlock the bootloader and drivers) and let the community write their own software for the Car Thing.

If somebody from Spotify is reading this, please please please help out a fellow developer with a distraught girlfriend. She is devastated about the Car Thing and her students are as well, help me be their hero and save the Car Thing!

P.S. Here is a screengrab from my extremely escalated support chat showing that Spotify is in fact open to the possibility in some regard:


Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 2.11.31 PM.png


One example:


This is now a deleted post because Spotify doesn't want to compensate their customers for screwing them over. I recommend moving over to Reddit where Spotify has no moderation power.

I am so sorry it's happening on your birthday:( 

100% agree. I'll give this a few days to see if Spotify gives two craps for their customers, but will move to Apple Music if nothing changes.






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue


They are silencing me **bleep**. They have also back-back-tracked their decision to give me 8 months free and it is now "escalated to the highest level, awaiting a decision from the escalation team". However they have been very good to me in chat and are working with me to potentially find a solution such as open-sourcing that would make most folks happy.

Literally shared this link (again) and your PDF and still getting nothing


Premium Family




My Question or Issue

Spotify is disabling the Car Thing and doing nothing for the people that purchased it. I purchased it as soon as it released and it filled the need I had for my older vehicle. I spent two hours on support for any help they would provide and nothing. Rest assured I will take my family premium subscription elsewhere. And I will hold on to my Spotify Brick/Car Thing as a reminder of what greedy corporations are willing to do to their customers. 

I am very frustrated as well. I was just trying to post this on the previous thread Spotify just deleted! Support services for Spotify has been no help! I bought this device expecting it to last. It’s ridiculous they are not issuing refunds. I’m also upset because after I initially purchased the car thing they went up on the monthly premium cost so that was an added expense as well. I’m very much considering switching to Apple Music at this point. I am not happy with Spotify at all right now and plan to share this with friends and family as well when they consider online music streaming services. I have been a loyal Spotify member for years and I can’t believe they are doing this!!! Feeling very scammed right now!!!

It is completely unacceptable to be punished for SUPPORTING a new product from Spotify. Setting aside the e-waste which will be unnecessarily generated, Spotify's approach to this discontinuation is ridiculous. We spent our hard earned money on this hardware to just receive an email informing us to dispose of it after December.  Good luck receiving support from the community in the future you wish to test any new products. 


I will be looking at switching to Apple Music come December if no adequate resolution is implemented. 

Oh, were you the author of that post? They escalated my case to both the "escalation team" and the "concerned team." I think they're just making names up. Open sourcing would be great, but I'd still want at least a partial refund since the device isn't operating as it was advertised when I bought it.

So not only do you disrespect your users by disabling a product that cost 10x your monthly subscription fee. But you also suggest to throw out the device creating a massive amount of ewaste?

I've had spotify premium since 2012 between individual and eventually a family account with my spouse. Today I cancelled.


I don't think there's a scenario where I come back. Spotify hurts artists, it's users, and now the planet.

All of the customer people I’ve talked to have been super nice but won’t give me compensation so I said I’m not going to stop until there’s a fair solution.

Yeah I wrote the original 8-months post this morning. This has been quite a wild ride today, but I am actually in a better mood than this morning and I feel like they are actually reconsidering this decision internally and are open to the idea of open-sourcing the product and leaving it to the stewardship of the community. I think as long as we stay persistent and passionate, but not angry or mob-like, we have a good chance of actually fixing the root issue rather than just getting refunds.



I just got off of chat with them. Same thing. Agent was great, Company doesn't give a carp. Gonna cancel my family membership that I had for many years as well. Wouldn't take much to fix it. Even a service credit in the purchase amount. But greedy is greedy, and I don't play that game.


:((((((( me irl

@frillweeman wrote:

As a software engineer, I understand why they'd make the decision to cut support since it will require ongoing development efforts.

I'm the opposite here. I'm also a software engineer, and I think they could just say "We are no longer supporting this software after December 31, but it will still work in its state as of that date. I work for a very large company, way bigger than Spotify, and we have dozens of services that are no longer supported by a single engineer, and all still work as expected and as they did on their sunset date, some of which were 5+ years ago.

That's good to hear. I lost hope and resorted to anger, but thanks for keeping a level head and talking to them about it. I'll still be persistent but will try to keep anger out of it.

Yeah they're shady as **bleep**


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