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Spotify keeps exiting playlist and dropping songs from playlist

Spotify keeps exiting playlist and dropping songs from playlist

Hi, I'm aware that if I ask Google to play a specific song it will exit my playlist but lately I will be listening to my playlist may skip a song (playlist is 54 hours long) but spotify will play random songs not in playlist can be every few songs with a lot of random or As little as a couple of times a week. Also noticed songs have been disappearing off playlist some were only on it less than a month and only heard once or twice before vanishing and some are more than a year old only notice they're missing when I hear song playing ina store and realise it hasn't played for a while. Random play is also hit and miss sometimes only playing a cluster of no more than 50 songs until I go into playlist and tap another song to play that hasn't .
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Hey there!


Thanks for sharing your listening experience with the Community!

Are the songs that are getting skipped greyed out, entirely removed from the playlist or are they simply getting skipped for no reason whatsoever?

Does this happen with all playlists or only specific ones?

Some tracks get removed due to licensing reasons and get re-uploaded later. They will however, not get automatically re-added to your playlists because they have a new unique identifier and are as such considered a different song. In case you'd wish to see this get altered, I'd advise leaving a Like to this Idea, it is still open for voting! 🙂


We also have a Live Idea about True Shuffle in which you may be interested in. At the moment, only a grouped bracket of all songs plays and it looks to me that this behaviour fits what you've described in your post.


We'll be on the lookout for your response.

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