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Usage of Car Thing outside of US


Usage of Car Thing outside of US







I was wondering what does term "only available in US" actually mean. I've connected to support and have a chat with them. The main feedback was "we cannot guarantee all functionality outside of US". Still I am a bit confused and more details is needed to clarify where issues may arise. Information I have gathered till this day is that Car Thing is simply a remote controlling interface attached to iphone via bluetooth.  That means this device is not even connected to internet, as it has no wi-fi. Car thing is just a 4-inch screen for spotify app in you phone, in other words it should be connected to phone and work.


Thus, I see only two possible issue points - purchase and connection. The former is understable and resolves by lots of ways nowadays. The latter is where I stuck. What problem can I possible encounter when I do pairing with my premium account? The one thing which I can imagine is that on this step some additional request (from phone app) may be fired to check whether premium account is from US or not.

Can anyone provide a little more details on this topic.

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Sorry, I have not purchased it yet.

Thank you very much.

I'm interested to get one, but it can't be deliver to Europe. I've waited when it will be released in Europe, but looks like it never will happen.

can anyone tell me how to order this thing with not having an USA address? Do I have to change my address in PayPal for that? And what service did you use to forward the package?

Dear all, 


I need to ask this what is the benefit off using this device other than your phone? It whil be the Same think. So what extra benefit would it bring the buyer in compare whit a phone such as a Samsung 22 Ultra. 

Here in Spain, You can not use the phone while driving. It is the law.

This is the main reason. The other one, is that this thing is easier to use.

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