Adding songs to your playlist the are not in Spotify


Adding songs to your playlist the are not in Spotify

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Has Spotify considered adding a feature that allows users to add the songs they have in their personal library, onto their playlists or song list? Just for the purpose of listening to songs that are not available on Spotify without having to switch media players............

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if you sync up songs with itunes, I dont think you can share them. It's like how you can't share itunes stuff anyways unless youre on homesharing. Also, if you use spotify on a different computer, even if youre logged into your account, the songs wont show up unless you have resynced them from that computer.


Great! Didn't know this.

Is there a way to do this in Android as well? Unfortunately, this solution doesn't work with Chromecast audio.

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Unless I misunderstand you, this is already a supported feature. 


Taking the Desktop client for example, under Preferences you can point the Spotify client to any directory of local files you have on your hard drive. Your files will then show up under Local Files in the list under 'YOUR LIBRARY'.


Also, if you have your music as Playlists in iTunes, simply go to File > Import Playlists, and select iTunes.


NB. You may need to log out and back in for the imported files to show up. 


Hope this helps.


Yes this works but these songs will not show up in the playlist if you share it with others. Is there a way to fix this?

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It does. Thank you


Hmm... but if it wasn't on Spotify, how would you add it onto your Spotify library? If the song wasn't on Spotify, I don't think you could be able to add it onto a playlist on Spotify if that makes sense. It'd have to be on Spotify's servers before you would be able to add it into a Spotify playlist, right?