[All Platforms] Classical music folders system


[All Platforms] Classical music folders system


Listening to classical music can be a challenging and difficult task for a number of reasons. Firstly because x amount of people have written x amount of compositions for over x hundred years. Secondly because these works have been recorded over and over again by different musicians making every recording unique (but not necessarily good). Combining those two makes , especially for a beginner, the "world of classical music" seem cloudy, esoteric and over-complex. The reason Spotify works for me to listen to classical music is because I have changed from "playlists" to "folders".  The reason behind this was because my family was **bleep** of because I had nearly 1000 playlists stacked on top of each other so no one could find their playlists. Why I had this was because, as I'm sure many of you who listen to classical music out there know all about, that I had many different recordings of pieces and couldn't fit 10 different recordings of a 2 hour long piece into a single playlist nor would I want to separate the movements apart from each other. This way was of course extremely clumsy and difficult to navigate through. So when I first discovered "folders" I could finally make my own classical music system/archive. Now I think I have around 4000 recordings (not only, but mostly, classical music) carefully placed into folders. For example, under the composer Bach I have 13 folders: Live, Cemballo/Harpsichord, Masses, Lute, Translations (transcriptions), With Orchestra, Kantatas, Other, Kunst der fugue, Organ, Violin, Cello and Piano. I haven't done as elaborately on every composer, but mostly done what I've felt like. I have a similar system for performers. For example, under the folder "pianists" there are 40 different pianists each with 5-35 different recordings, I have the same system for "violinists", "conductors", "male and female singers", "chamber ensembles", "cellists" and "other instruments" . I also have folders for less known composers, rarities I've stumbled over, classical music played on modern instruments and so on. 

My reason for writing this is that when people access my account my playlist only show up stacked on top of each other, erasing my entire system of folders. I want to make my system avaliable for the entire Spotify community and not only for me and my family. Because it would make it a lot easier for beginners to access the vast "world of classical music" and much easier for more advanced listeners to keep their recordings in order. 

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