[All Platforms][Playlists] Is Spotify just lazy?


[All Platforms][Playlists] Is Spotify just lazy?

Casual Listener

It strikes me that Spotify isn't really interested in adding many ideas to the player (whether mobile or computer based).


They seem to have an idea of what they think people want, but don't actually really want to engage with users. Why would ideas be hidden behind a separate blog? Why isn't there a "Submit feature" option in the client itself?

There used to be a usable miniplayer. What happened to that?

All of these tracks/albums have ID3/Meta tags - why can't people see things like "music by", "composer", "contributing artists" and so on.

Spotify just being lazy.

Similarly, most of the recommendations in the "Suggested for you" playlists and "Made for you" are garbage, and yet you can't hide/lose them.

Spotify, stop being lazy and fix at least these things, stop promoting your own internal analytics, and make spoti

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