Am I a fool


Am I a fool

I FEEL LIKE I WAS TRICKED INTO PAYING FOR AN EXTRA MONTH AFTER I CANCELLED MY SUBSCRIPTION. The fact that I had to confirm 3 times is a joke first off. Apparently my clicks didn't all go through so I was billed an extra month even though I don't use the service.
BEWARE if you want to cancel your subscription
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Hi there.


Actually when I canceled my Spotyify Premium, I got the confirmation, but service was not canceled. I needed extra-go through canceling process to make it work. If you are unsure, you simple can remove your bank or paypal details from Spotify, so it will be not billed, even if it is not canceled. It will cancel by itself since there will be no way to take payment.


Hope you will find other good way to listen music, Like I Did.


Kind regards.