Any Green Day fans? If so, what are your favorite songs or albums


Any Green Day fans? If so, what are your favorite songs or albums

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I decide to get into conversation about music and I figure the way to do it is to tell you all what I listen to. 


I am a fan of the band Green Day. 


My favorite Green Day album is Dookie


All of my favorite Green Day songs are


-2000 Light Years Away

-One for the Razorbacks

-Welcome to Paradise


-Basket Case


-Sassafras Roots

-When I Come Around

-Coming Clean

-Emenius Sleepus

-Brain Stew

-The Grouch


-Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


-American **bleep**

-Jesus of Suburbia


-Boulevard of Broken Dreams

-Wake Me Up When September Ends

-21st Century Breakdown

-21 Guns


-Brutal Love

-Dirty Rotten Bastards

-99 Revolutions


-Still Breathing

-Forever Now

-Ordinary World

-J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)

-Poprocks and Coke



What is your favorite Green Day album? What are some of your favorite Green Day songs? I cannot wait to see what you all put!

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Doookie was 25 years old this year and for me it's still the best thing that Green Day have ever done...




I was going to post the quote, and when I decided to post an image of it, I saw this, which will connect it even more to the topic. I don't really listen to Green Day, except for a couple of songs or so, but here you go.


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Restless Heart Syndrome

Before the Lobotomy 

Know Your Enemy


Missing You

Last Night on Earth 

Ordinary World

Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

Favourite Green Day albums

21st Century Breakdown, American **bleep**, Revolution Radio, Dookie, Warning.