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Is anyone going to switch? I'm still wondering..

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Was testing the Apple Music today when the Itunes stopped working on my PC , I did everything I could pro application back up and running but it worked .
I have no Apple product and really thought the stream of service would be more independent as an app for Android was announced.
I decided to go back to Spotify today , I will not throw my money in the trash with the Apple Music LoL .
Spotify a service "mature " in the stream , has applications for all today's mobile platforms , good features, adapted to the Brazilian market , my only tantrum always been the tags , but that does not diminish the Spotify service is A +
I do not know how the selection of pro application functionality but has great ideas that are years in phase approval...


By the way, if someone would like to listen to the Beats1 live radio station in a web player, check this site:


Practically I found an article that allows you to Export from Spotify and import into Apple Music, free