Best Podcasts of July 2021


Best Podcasts of July 2021


Written Off: Silent Love. Candice Price x Keke Palmer


Host Walter Thompson-Hernandez partners with seasoned creatives like Keke Palmer to bring the work of formerly incarcerated young writers to your ears. In this touching episode, Candice Price's Silent Love, read by Keke Palmer, tells the story of breaking the silence of survivorship to embrace the joyful truth of living as a Black queer woman. 


Object Of Sound: Summer Of Soul (feat. Questlove)


Object of Sound brings you in tune with the music that shapes our culture. In this episode, host and critic Hanif Adburraquib catalogs the history of the Harlem Cultural Festival-- known to many as the "Black Woodstock". Hanif is joined by the Roots drummer, music journalist, and DJ Questlove to examine the importance of the festival, as well as Questlove's new film about the event: Summer of Soul


Celebrity Book Club with Steven and Lily: The "Segment Boots" Series


If you've ever cracked the spine of a celebrity memoir, then you're well aware that they aren't like normal books. In this hilarious iteration of the Celebrity Book Club, hosts Steven and Lily take a closer look at the memoirs of Hollywood's favorite foodies, including Guy Fieri, Joan Didion, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more. 


The Woj Pod - Re Air: The Giannis Draft EP 1 (Who is Giannis?)


The Woj Pod is your ticket to the inside scoop of the biggest NBA news, hosted by Adrian Wojnarowski. In this episode, Adrian has a chat with Giannis Antetokounmpo, a Greek immigrant of Nigerian descent, exploring his past of racism, poverty, and his climb to success in the NBA. 

Mogul: Big Floyd


This season on Mogul, the show cataloging Hip-Hop's most iconic moments, Gimlet is telling the Story of DJ Screw; a reclusive genius who changed hip-hop forever by slowing it was down. Hundreds of people rapped on DJ Screw's many mixtapes, including one small-time rapper called Big Floyd. Now, however, he's better known as George Floyd


Field Guide: Walking


This episode of field guide asks just one thing of you: Go for a walk. As you pop in your headphones and lace up your shoes, comedians, podcast hosts, writers, authors and producers all take turns telling short stories of their favorite walks in their favorite places. If it's time for you to take a breather, this is your chance. 



Those are our best picks for July, were you able to find your next bingeable show? Let us know what your current favorites are below, let's chat about it. 

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Gig Goer

No, podcast service not available in my country. Missing a lot of great podcasts because of this. Hope this gets fixed soon. 

Casual Listener

got it


No,  Podcast service show, As it is not available in my country, olehana germany


I so enjoyed the podcast with Vitality. Educational for sure about value and growth. Thank you for all your efforts every week.

Casual Listener

So my mother, who has recovered from cancer a few years ago, now got this podcast suggestion on her home page: "The Tumor Tapes". Not funny!!!

The woman is 73 and has never and will never listen to podcasts.

Some other totally ridculous suggestions she's getting:

  • Spanish training (???!?!)
  • Is Life worth a 7? (yeah, nice to show to a cancer survivor)
  • Het Klokhuis (a show for 10-15 year olds)
  • The Psychologist (wth??!!)

I'll probably cancel her subscription and go back to Apple Music. Not as powerful as Spotify, but at least it is not offensive and it is actually about music and not about podcastst.

Please Spotify, just give us an option to disable podcasts!