Best Spotify Alternatives?


Best Spotify Alternatives?


Maybe you were being bogged down by political correctness and identity politics. Maybe you were irritated by ads that only seemed to be about Spotify and their “amazing” services and podcasts. Maybe you found the subscription too pricy. Or maybe you thought that the interface or UI was too clunky. Whatever your reason for leaving behind Spotify was, at least you found (an) alternative(s). What do you think are the best alternatives to Spotify?


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Pandora is very strong in my eyes. It doesn't have the most amazing playlist system, because it's completely locked unless you have premium, but it makes up for that by being the best service to find new music on. Spotify is...okay at finding new stuff for me. The problem is that it's a weekly thing, and my daily mixes consist of the same stuff everyday. It gets tiring to hear the same songs over and over again.


Edit: Also, Spotify's podcast system is abysmal. Many of my shows aren't there, they need to integrate an RSS system into the app.