Boost Your Playlists/Find What You Like/Help Each Other


Boost Your Playlists/Find What You Like/Help Each Other


Do you ever sometimes want to listen to something, but you don't know what to listen to, or you can't decide on something?


Sometimes it's easier to have something already set.


From our profiles, pick playlists from people that post here, and, if you like the playlists, commit to listening to them, once a month (if they're ones that aren't seasonal, holiday specific, et cetera). If they are holiday playlists, then commit to listening to them, yearly, on and/or before that date.

The playlists must belong to the person with that profile.


There's no pressure to follow any playlists, but if you do find playlists that you are interested in trying out, you might save them to your home screens on your computers and/or mobile devices (like below). Of course, if you don't follow them, you have to listen to them (in the moment), using data or Wi-Fi.

Please only follow playlists, if you find out that you like them, so that you don't "unfollow" them, later on.






As an additional way to remember, you might set a reminder to listen to them, for those holidays.



The amount of followers don't mean anything, if your playlists don't have many or any monthly listeners.




After your initial post, if you find playlists that you like, go ahead and post the names (only, no link) to what you committed to, and what about them interested you.


After listening to them, one or more times, go ahead and tell everyone what you like about them.

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Rock Star 7

Cool idea for a thread, @MadmanOnWheels!


I’m interested in listening to your “Winter Chill Time” playlist when friends come over to my apartment this winter, as well as possibly other seasons. I like that the song titles have a relaxed theme, that seems great for hanging out with friends.


Here’s the link for my Spotify profile:



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