Brand your own short url!


Brand your own short url!

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About 7 years ago i started a project over at becuase i wanted short URLs for twitter etc with a name on that link i could trust, people started using it in a small scale. now it may be 7 years to late but a few weeks back i went ahead and updated the site to allow user registration, statistic tracking and a few more things as well as a design overhaul. It's a free service so use it or don't, the decision is up to you, i thought i just might say it's there


you can brand your own URL and link it to the artist, playlist, album or profile of your choice... Basically you own domain name!


Example1: Random String : >

Example2: Branded String : >


UPDATE: 2019-09-22


It's called "Change your URL Destination". Basically you can now change which playlist, artist, podcats or album all your short urls point to if you have a registered account on the website.


So, If you head over to, register an account. Then you make a short url while you are logged in you on the website. Now you can edit the short URL you just created and change the destination of the short url if you decide you linked the wrong playlist, artist, podcats or album while you created your url of if you have the url itself link.


This is powerful for branded links if you have the same url posted over several Facebook posts, websites etc and release for example a new Album, then you can change your short url destination to link to that new album.


Please se this image as Reference:

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Hello to everyone who voted on this thread: 


There are at least 12 other threads in this community that ask for this same feature, but Spotify won't compile them.  Added up, we already have 43 votes!!!


For us to get traction on this request, however, we need to compile our votes into one post.  

I have created a New Idea topic at the link below - can you please add your votes to it?


Thanks in advance!

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