Can't find artist details in the new interface


Can't find artist details in the new interface

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I'm planning to buy Spotify Premium (again), but I have some questions about the new mobile user interface.

I can't find information about an artist in the new UI. There used to be a "details" section in an artist's page in the past and the simplified interface doesn't show it.

Also, how can I add songs to queue in the new update? I know you can't do that in the free version, but the original UI showed the option to do this with the message that I discovered a premium feature. And is there any way to get the "repeat" button back in the player? I really don't see the point in replacing it with a "Like" button.

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Hey Mike552!


Thats alot of questions, nontheless they are all valid and pertinent!

  1. To find an artists details you can visit the artist page and scroll down to the about section. (this may only be a feaature on spotify premium because thats what im using as my reference)
  2. to add songs to your queue you first click on the three horizontal dots on the left corner of the song title then scroll down to "add to queue".
  3. and as for the repeat option replaced with the like option, i would contact spotify via twitter @SpotifyCares or visit here for the online contact form. But in my opinion the like button is a great feature because it can custom tailor your radio stations to exactly what you like and want to hear!

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions, thanks!