[DESKTOP] New Spotify Version


[DESKTOP] New Spotify Version

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Dear Spotify Team,


if inefficiency was the goal of the new desktop version, then you have done a really good job.


Thank you.

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I have to agree with this -- the latest UI is rather confusing on a desktop. The menus are weird, its really difficult to find things like "made for you" (it looks like they are in playlists now which makes it hard to pick what I have setup vs what was found for me). Any chance you could roll back while rethinking the UX?

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I'm totally ok with this post...
I'm sad because I really loved the old Spotify desktop version but now there too much things which doesn't work.


1. Search bar

It was really a good feature. You were able to search from everywhere and stay on the page you were. Now, you have to click on search button which redirect you on other screen, so if you want to go back you have one more click to do (You just do the opposite of a UX approche).


2. List of song

It was super to have the top 10 song and below all the albums of the band with all the song. When you don't remember a title, you could go below and go accross the albums to find it. Now if you search a song, you will have to know at least on which album the song is. I which you good luck to find it by looking at each album one by one. Oh and this means that you can't listen all the album in a row anymore...


3. Weekly recommandation

It probably somewhere, but I can't find my weekly recommandation anymore ? Where does it go ?


This is my observation after 10 hours of usage, It will probably grow in the futur or I'll be already on an other streaming service.


I understand that you want to have something like the web player for the desktop player, but if I use the desktop player it's because I really don't like the web player... I found it really not ergonomic...


I hope you will improve this version really quickly

Edit (18/05/2021):

Ok, I've used a bit more this new version now and as predicted, I've got new things that doesn't work well.


4. Band/artist screen
If I go on a band's page I just want to (at least) see the album list. I don't even excactly know what is the "popular" list but what I know is I don't care about this list which hide the real album list.


5. Random listening

When I want to listen a band, I choose a song in all the album and let the randomness do his work. Now it is not possible to do that anymore because I have to choose an album (and randomysation will be in the album only) or choose a song in the top 10 (but the song I want is rarely in this top 10).


6. Album navigation

If a want to listen a song in an album and then listen a song from an other album (from the same band). I have to go back, selected the other one and then select the song. If I want to listen a song from the previous album I have to go back again and do this again (I let your imagination if a want to do this with for exemple 10,20,30 songs). So yeah I talk again about the song list but if you want to hide the song list, why not let the user decide ? Yeah it was the best feature of the app (for me) and I really miss it.


I also discover a bug (I guess) for the actuel song about the green color.
Step to reproduce :

  • Go on artist page
  • Start a song from the top 10
  • Go in the album page of this song

Actual result

  • Text isn't green

Expected result

  • Text is green

This bug? is also present in the other way (select a song from an album and see top 10 list)


For now, I've suspended my premium subscription and I'll keep an eye on the evolution of the desktop app and hope to see some ameliorations.

this is the last terrible ui revision i'm going through. I hear amazon music HD is pretty good. and it evne has a search bar LOL


It honestly feels like this UI was designed in the dark, because if the developers could actually see the screen there is no way it would have been released.


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Everything about the new UI requires more effort. Where has the artist bio gone to? Didn't it make more sense to have it accessible at top rather than having to scroll down to the bottom of their page? And Browse used to be easily accessible on the sidebar and held a bunch of usef things for finding music. Now it's clicks away under search, which is not at all obvious. When one thinks of Search one thinks of typing in a search term. And why can I no longer long at a song title and the artist name in list of songs? Why was that taken away?

Agree, I feel this makes everything harder. I wouldn't want to scroll down to find the band bio page. It feels the desktop version is made for mobile use, which does not really work well. Also I would want to see the newest release of the artists I'm searching for, now it seems to be missing.

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Spotify, if you really like this new UI, that's fine. Not everyone has good taste.

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This is not a question of taste but of efficiency and clarity. You now need much more mouse clicks than before for the same result, comfort functions are missing and so on.

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"You now need much more mouse clicks than before for the same result, comfort functions are missing and so on."


That is what I don't get. Why would they do that? It just makes no sense.

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The new update is useless. Unsubscribed for the first time in almost a decade. 

Why would a music platform remove the ability to search for music?

Think about that.
Would Google removes search from its email?
Would Google removes search from youtube?
Sounds pretty insane huh, removing search from a platform designed for searching.
But wait...
Spotify removes search from artists page / local area / about / liked songs / friendlists.

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The green highlight is a weird bug. The reason seems to be Spotify treats as a playing queue and highlights the song only if you are in the same play queue. In this case, since you started the song from Artist's top songs, Spotify highlights it only in that queue. An album is a different queue. This is also evident in the mobile versions (although those don't suffer from this bug) - if you go to the currently playing song screen, it shows Playing from... at the top, indicating that playing the same song from a playlist is different in some way than playing it from the album.

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I'd be interested to know if anyone from the Spotify team is reviewing threads like this.  Would be great to see a comment from the product team.


It's gotten worse. Earlier today, I could see all the albums and singles in one place. Still annoyed that I have to click on each one individually, but at least they were in one place. Now they have a separate place for albums vs. singles. It's like they're actively trying to kill their app. 


The developers did say they're trying to make it more like the mobile app, but I have always preferred the desktop app because it was so much more functional. Now everything takes five clicks and so much attention. It's tiring to use.