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GUI: Which staff member(s) thought it was a good idea to remove sorting by artist name??


GUI: Which staff member(s) thought it was a good idea to remove sorting by artist name??


...and why did you leave "sort by album" in?


This new design is awful!


I tried finding a song, but couldn't remember the name - only the artist. Of course, letting me go to my library and click "Artist" at the top is no longer possible, I can only sort by song title, album (?!??!) and date added. 

Imagine this written in ALL CAPS LOCK: why on earth would you ever remove the function of letting your users sort their playlists by artist name?!? If you had to remove a function, why didn't you remove "sort by album" instead?



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on the right side of the playlist, there should be a dropdown box where you can sort by many things including artist


While this is true, it is not obvious who the artist is anymore, as it is listed below the Title.


I definitely preferred the previous UI which had Artist explicitly as its own column.

Casual Listener

Agreed, im aware i can "sort it by artist" but what moron thought it was a great idea to remove the column completely... its IMPOSSIBLE to navigate large playlists visually now. it takes a million years to find one single in a sea of 10,000 other singles... THE WHOLE POINT OF SOME OF THESE PLAYLISTS WERE TO EASILY FIND SINGLE!

If im throwing my input out there, im also adding that they need to fix the abilty to drag a whole album into a playlist instead of having to select all the singles.

I think this UI update has single-handedly pushed me to start backing up playlists and switching back to the apple platform. AT LEAST THEN I CAN FIND MUSIC EASILY