Great Ambient Playlists/Tracks


Great Ambient Playlists/Tracks


Hey all,


I love ambient music for when I'm writing, it puts me in the right frame of mind without being intrusive.  I've got two playlists that I'm hoping to fill out, any suggestions (particularly track shout-outs!) would be much appreciated.


Here's "Spice Trance", which trends more towards Myst/Baraka/Middle Eastern territory:


...and "2029", which has more of a Blade Runner/Mass Effect/dark electronica sci-fi flavor:


And in the interest of "Paying it Forward", here are some of the "source" playlists I've been working from.  Thanks!


"Cyberpunk/Future" by James Wong:

"Deus Ex" by Hanna Taylor:

"Baraka Soundtrack" by Carlo Vinci:

"Myst" by Hanna Taylor:

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