How has your Discover Weekly changed your music taste?


How has your Discover Weekly changed your music taste?

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Believe it or not, Discover Weekly turned 1 this Summer 🙂 


This is a huge milestone for us at the Community and for music fans around the world. We live and breath our own little mix of new tracks every Monday and it looks like we're not alone 😉


So, how has your music taste changed over the year? 


Personally, I was a huge Metal-Head when in high school. If it wasn't loud and full of "grr" I didn't want to know. Since then, my tastes have matured and have opened up into a whole new direction - with still the old-school vibes attached. This has been largely due to Discover Weekly and Spotify.


So, I want to know your stories. Let me know in the comments 🙂



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@Jim discover weekly has definitely influenced my taste in music, but in a more abstract way.


it's brought to my attention the huge library of music and tools spotify enables you to discover with, which in turn opened my mind to genres (especially fusion) and artists (too many to name) that i wouldn't have sought out otherwise.


it's also made me look more objectively at music discovery in general (in a good way).

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I did have a very detailed post about Discover Weekly, but I will just keep this one short and sweet. I would not say Discover Weekly has changed my music tastes, but the Discover Weekly feature sure has expanded what music tastes I have, and moved me into other areas of music genres I am interested in. The Discover Weekly feature is like one never ending continuous music sampler CD now, and reminds me of the old days of label music sampler releases to become familiar with new artists, and where music sound in what territories music genres is expanding into. The great thing is with Discover Weekly, I get a couple of music sampler CD's worth of music every week, easy to get into and for one to stay up on what is bubbling up to the surface of certain music genres these days. 🙂

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I'm not sure if Discover Weekly has "changed" by musical taste, per se, but I will say it has definitely opened my eyes to a tremendous amount of music in genres that I am already listening to. I have a pretty wide-reaching and eclectic taste as is, so if something unexpected sneaks in, I don't mind. Anyway, it's been a well-loved section of my Spotify!

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I agree... it hasn't neccessarily changed my taste but definitely introduced me to lots of new artists. I think a good way to improve it is to allow the user to be able to give feedback on tracks that are in our discove weekly playlist as to whether we want more of these type of music or not. For a while, I was getting a lot of drag artists and I still don't understand why to this day!


It hasn't really change my taste either, but it has shown me obscure (to me!) tracks that I totally love.  They are in my playlists now.  It's like Christmas every Monday morning.  Most of the time, it's great. Sometimes not so much, but not a big deal.  I love how it adapts to what genre I'm listening to.  Sometimes I get listen to my house or rap, and the recs move in that direction.  I think the algorithm behind it is awesome.  


Discover Weekly changed my taste in music in a dramatic way! I used to strictly listen to alternative or indie music and limiting myself to that genre. Since Spotify and discover weekly came into my life i find myself emerged into new amazing material every week. I listen to EVERYTHING now and don't allow myself to be gravitated to only one music genre. It came to the point where I try to not even think of the genre of what I'm listening to, I just listen to what I love. And because of discover weekly, it's making new material so much accesible for me. 


Oh boy, Discover Weekly has been by far my most favorite thing about Spotify, specially because it allows me, every week, to discover new amazing music from all genres and countries around the world.


It has made me a more flexible music fan. I'm incredibly passionate about discovering new music and new talents so Discover Weekly has been an amazing help for my "research".


I no longer stick to one music genre. I listen to everything, then make a selection of what I like the most, and share it on my Spotify playlists!

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While Discovery Weekly is enjoyable, it hasn't changed my tastes at all. However, I have had the opportunity to dip into artist that Ive wanted to check out buut never got round to, Captain Beefheart is one that springs to mind.

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I really like discover weekly. Every week i can find different kind genres. But sometimes it is just giving same songs that i have in my playlists allready. Or it is really bad to hear cheap (same) covers of original musics. 



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@PacerOmer Discover Weekly does adapt to your listening. It deliberately plays songs that are familiar to go with new ones so it's not so intimidating. 


This is actually under consideration by spotify right now - - so if you want to show your support, you can here!


It hasn't. I rarely go into Discover Weekly. I forget it's there most of the time. *shrugs*

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It hasn't really changed my tastes. I would say it certainly has broadened my knowledge of previously unknown artists. Most of the best music I hear is from someone I've never heard of. Recently came across Jamie Wilson, Dead Tongues, and Shannon LaBrie to name a few. May or may not have ever heard them without Discover Weekly. So far it's all thumbs up from me. I like the new Daily Mix too.

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@kileyoto not the hugest fan of country, but i enjoy the subdued side (the jamie wilson track - you know it's good when you hear a harmonica with the harmony XD)


when it leans towards faster acoustic/americana like the dead tongues i'm well on board ❤️


@crematedman Thanks. 😃 I definitely added my Vote for a 'ban' or 'don't show' button. The Discover Weekly is good for expanding ones exposure to artists, but like anything the programming can be off at times. Having an option for 'fine tuning' to personal preference for a song or an artist is best to ensure the algorithm works on a personal level. Some artists have only certain songs that I like but not others in their discography. Not many artists are on my "I luv everything they make" list. 

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@rowswar couldn't agree more 

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ive added my vote.

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Love it. I get through my Monday morning email with headphones on and leg bouncin'. The algorhythm used to compile the playlist pretty much PERFECTLY captures what my ears/soul seem to need on a Monday morning.

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