How to get playlist followers on Spotify


How to get playlist followers on Spotify


Many Spotify users have come to the Community asking how to get more Spotify followers--both on your profile and your playlists. 


We've gone to some of our top users in the Community and asked them how they became successful curators. Below is a summary of their top tips. 


1. Be Original


When you have a new idea for a playlist, have a quick search on Spotify to see if it has already been covered. A great way to find good topics is to be reactive--everything in the news can be an inspiration for a playlist. 


"Target a 'niche' rather than 'mainstrea'" topic," said Gerard (aka @Soundofus). "It will make you different from the masses."


Once you've found a unique theme, collect a list of around 100 to 200 songs with a max of two songs by the same artist. Keep in mind it takes some time to craft a strong playlist around a good theme. Carlos (aka @Sanik007) said his mood playlists tend to gain the most followers.


"[Mood playlists] are an incredible chance to do something different than the others, so another chance to be original. In my case, I have a lot of mood playlists. One of the reasons why they have a great number of followers is the fact that I mix genres, styles, music decades. I completely agree with curating short playlists with no more than one song by an artist. Great curators always meet this standard."



2. Have A Strong Title


The playlist title has to match the theme or mood of your playlist. Titles to avoid are generic ones such as "The Best Playlist ever...", "The Greatest X", "The Best Party..."


These titles say nothing about the music the listener will find when they hit play. It's better to be more specific such as "Indie Folk Sunday Morning", "Rock Inspired By Metallica", "Throwback 90s Party".


"I love titles" Spotify playlist curator Sophia told the team "A great title will can bring people to your playlist. And if the music is good they'll stay!"



3. Update Your Playlists. 


Update your playlists frequently to keep the music fresh. It's a good idea to include your new additions at the top of the playlist as well. Most curators we spoke to agreed that songs should be added a few at a time--not renewing all songs at once. Of course this depends on the theme. If it's the 'Best Indie tracks of the last 30 days" then renewing them all once a month makes perfect sense.



4. Promote Your Playlists


A great place to promote your curated playlist is the Spotify Community Playlist Exchange. It's best if you include a description for your playlists so users know what theme/ mood inspired you. 


You can also create your own website or blog dedicated to promoting your playlists. Of course you can also promote it across social media channels such as Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook. And remember, it takes work and time to create a fan base. Don't be discouraged if it's a slow start. 


"Twitter is another good option to promote your playlist," said Carlos. If you include undiscovered bands/artists in your playlists, Twitter could be a great platform to connect with them. They usually appreciate your consideration and maybe they will RT you, so your playlist will arrive also to their followers."


Jonathan (aka @Gidyin) also encourages promoting unknown artists. "I have devised promoting artists with monthly listeners in the region of 0-2000. I have always been a bit of a music hunter and love finding an artist on here that is not very well known. If I find an artist in this bracket I now add them to one of my more popular playlists and move the track near the start. This has two benefits, it raises the awareness of the emerging artist which they love and gives you an opportunity to feature on their discovered on page. Extra exposure is always good.


5. Follow Other Great Playlists

To gain followers you should also be a follower yourself. Seek out new bands, get to know playlists that have lots of followers, and study what it takes to be a curator.


"Constantly follow playlists like yours," said Spotify playlist curator Sean. "Find what's trending."


Have fun. Enjoy the music. Be original. 

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Here's a little country playlist from me and my band Rivers. It's a list of songs that inspire us when writing songs. Check it out and follow it!





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A carefully curated playlist that deserves more attention.


how I delete my old answer? (this one).


Funny, is easy to edit, to change things, but I don't find the delete button where it would be supossed to be.

Follow my Rap playlist as well if you get the chance! Thanks, I follow everyone back!!

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I would be thankful if you followed my Megadeth playlist. Hope you like it and suggest your music.

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I think generic titles like "Best Hip-Hop Ever" are the best ones. Those are the exactly the things people search for in the search bar when they want a quick playlist to listen to at a party or just exploring. That's just my opinion, but then again my title for my rap playlist is Swimming Pools. Check it out if you enjoy hip-hop/rap !

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Hello @MrPhatsoul


You are welcome to share your own music with the community. 🙂


However, we ask users to not post the same playlist (own albums and own tracks included) in different topics as it is considered as spam.


Thanks for your understanding.


To notice : all the other simlilar links you have posted have been deleted.

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Hi there..they will..follow me

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tried all that. No cigar. Follow my artist page and I'll follow you back ! 🙂

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I would add to those suggestions in the first post to promo your playlists in tumblr. I have several popular playlists, and I believe at least some traffic comes from my tumblr posts, thanks to the spotify integration. It's much more efficient than posting them to facebook or twitter.
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yep I follow.... but ho do you code  the pay button or link to it ?





pay or play?

if play, try this


or search "embed play button" in the help area

In a nutshell: 

- get the URI of the song you want

- here in the community click on the icon "insert/edit link" (mouse over for seeing txt)


- THERE insert the URL in this form


- if you want it smaller, try 




If it doesn't work, let me know

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All greatsuggestions aboutplaylist creation
how do you actualiy solicit the follower ?
How do you make a buttonfor Your playlist ?
How do you postit on the playlist or better yetinthe playlist searchresults ?
For example I have a plsylist called. "Heart of The Country" Itpicked up a follower I don't know how or where this follower came from. I had no way finding out who they were or where they came from. In a fewdays they dropped off. Howv do we thank these people. For their support ?