I have good ears - what else is needed to work with music? hmm


I have good ears - what else is needed to work with music? hmm

Music Fan



Everyone loves their music better then others (even thou it might be considerd rude to say this;)


The thing is..  

i went into 'global TOP 100 2015' chart... and to be honest..  

i had already saved like 20-40 of them(when they was fresh) into my playlist..

not to mention all the mixtapes that artist had made under diffrent names and such (that also made it into top100-chart)




all in all i love music, and well.. it seems that my ears are tuned for platinum...

even! when my premium falls short every now and then,, the commercial on spotify.. are songs that i already have in my list..  😛


and well im in need of a job & ½...  DAD (lol, wordplay.)


anyway, can you guys help me with the next step here? 

what & where should i turn to be able to work (passive) with music, any ideas? 🙂


thanks in advance

ps. here is my playlist if you want to listen.. its an continuesly work in progress
- is it possibly to pull statistics via spotify? ex. when i added a song and when that song 'took off' ? i think that might help me alittlebit if i ever go out looking for a job.