I want to support my dream! (Opinions?)


I want to support my dream! (Opinions?)



My name is Sebastian! 


I'm a singer/songwriter, I produce my own music in my bedroom( some of us will understand lol ), so lately I'm having trouble with the economic stuff, so in order to support my dreams, I start doing Album Art Covers! I hate doing this type of adds because SERIOUSLY! who wants to hear more adds these days! 

But I really want to give you something in exchange for helping me to achieve my dream. Hopefully one day I get to be on Spotify!



Here is the link to my gig where you can purchase your own ALBUM/SINGLE art cover for just 10 Dollars!





Down here you will find my Single "Remember"! (Hope you like it) !



Also if you want an HONEST opinion of your song, I'm here to listen and for being an awesome music friend! 


Hope Spotify Understand! 


Have a great Day!

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