In solidarity: Black Lives Matter


In solidarity: Black Lives Matter

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I want to remove category mentioned in title from the main screen of my Spotify app. How to do that? I do not want to take a part in any political fights, terrorist organizations or be anyhow connected to them by anyone (especially music app that I am using). Please post step by step solution how to remove/hide that category from my main screen, otherwise I will cancel all my subscriptions till end of the day. 

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I agree! People should be celebrated for their merits, actions, and contributions to the world - not their **bleep** or color of their skin!

Either Spotify represent all shades of the political spectrum, or better yet . . . DON'T DABBLE INTO POLITICS!!! I enjoy art for art's sake, not as a cog in the machine of propaganda. And Spotify should take note of this - many people use music as an escape, or just have something to play in the background.

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I'm tired of Spotify sticking their political agendas into a paid service. Keep things like this away. This isn't Twitter. We are paying you money for a service. Keep it neutral.

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Australian paying customer here, there's nothing worse than having US politics shoved down my throat on a music service. Considering cancelling my subscription of 6 years and moving to Apple music if they want to continue with their virtue signalling nonsense.

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My music rarely would included the look at me crowd, old protest stuff might included Steve Earle, but all formed on an educated opinion. I do not think music protest comes across when children try it, on mass, with no idea why, other than to be hip to the kids??? 

It annoys me quite a lot that I get recommended such content as norm, however during the start of this round of BLM riots, the idea I should get involved via changing my music habits with visible pressure to do so by political doublethink. 

Silence is violence? No Silence is Golden within a music streaming device. 

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Spread the word....anyone considering which paid subscription music service to join should first be aware of what they are dealing with as far as Spotify is concerned. If politics and blatant corporate pandering to special interests means anything to them.

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I'm seriously considering going to another music service. They keep pushing things I don't have interest in.

Dear Spotify,

In response to what I find to be the racist suggestion of "Black Music Matters", please take into consideration the following sentiment when considering such material again:

GO **bleep** YOURSELVES.

A subscriber looking for an alternative platform

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I request the very same and while your at it delete Michelle Obamas garbage agenda she knows NOTHING about politics and if she is on here babbling then where is Melania who is much less toxic to my eyeballs. I thought John Elway looked like a horseface, then I saw Michelle. Step by step please or I will cancel and find nusic somewhere else, you are not the only game in town.

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Totally agree!! Keep Spotify out of these politically motivated topics

Hola. Soy un latinoamericano, de raza hispánica, y heterosexual (lo siento mucho :(, me gustan las mujeres). Solicito lo mismo, estoy harto de ver propaganda de izquierda en su plataforma tales como alusiones a movimientos raciales, homosexuales, y la lista sigue y sigue... Esto pasa cuando una empresa monopoliza un mercado, porque sí, son un MONOPOLIO y están usando eso para hacer proselitismo político. #NOMÁSPOLÍTICAENSPOTIFY

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I totally agree. Many have also voiced their unhappiness at various social media blogs and at Facebook groups. In fact, I am seriously considering closing my Spotify Premium account and joining another music provider such as Pandora or Amazon.

Here is what I sent to Spotify's Facebook, the Spotify Community, and Spotify Cares on Facebook:

"I am a long time Spotify Premium member. I am very unhappy about the the recent intrusion of politics and into Spotify. I joined Spotify for the music and only the music NOT to be in "solidarity" with any one social cause or group. If this policy continues you will leave me no option but to cancel my Spotify account and join another music provider. I also know that I am not alone in feeling this way as similar complaints have been posted on social media. Stick to music Spotify. It's what you do best. You have already alienated a sizable percentage of your members."

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Sizable audience you say? Got any numbers on that.

I know that this thread has 255 replies, which are made from like 100 unique users.

Meanwhile, Spotify has 133 million paying users (286 million non-paying), and their tweet about supporting BLM, has 44k likes.

Bud, it looks like you're losing.

Twitter is badly in need of a thumbs down button. You have a point though. If we had the numbers Spotify would have pulled that BLM malarky lickity split. Money usually talks.


Friendly reminder that the forums are just for discussion. Nobody cares, this part of Spotify's world just gets swept under the rug. If you want to bring this technical fault under Spotify's attention, check out this suggestion thread instead:


Customize Start Screen 


Steps I've taken so far and recommend:

  1. Vote for the Customize Start Screen idea
  2. Comment on the Customize Start Screen idea, making it abundantly clear that you want the option to remove undesirable content such as political and other material you deem offensive or inappropriate from your own start screen. The UI on that thread is different, you need to scroll way down to find the comment section
  3. Cancel your Premium subscription, citing the BLM In Solidarity claptrap as the reason
  4. Push the message below on social media (Twitter and the rest) to create awareness that this is a dismal failure on Spotify's part. We will not tolerate Spotify pushing political opinions on our behalf, or down our throats. Just the tunes, thank you

Hi @Spotify, as far as I know, I PAY for my premium subscription each month to listen to the music of my choosing. Please don't shove your political agenda down my throat. #myspotifymychoice #backoffwithpolitics

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You think this is the only place to voice your displeasure with Spotify?
Are you that naive? Frankly this is the worst place. It is being
censored, I have had posts removed, and most folks are emailing directly to
Spotify headquarters,, and/or discussing on the blogs.
So do what you want, think what you want....Spotify made a serious
blunder. Your flawed arithmetic is of no interest to me.

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I immediately unsubscribed. I have high moral standards, and Spotify's support of a threatening, violent and seemingly racist group violates these standards.


A better alternative than MP3s is free music. Soundforge has the same problems as Spotify and cannot be used. Arguably, large parts of the commercialized music business is corrupt as well.


I suggest you give Jamendo a try. All the music there is of high quality, so I don't spend time OCD'ing my way around all the garbage. Press play on any artist, and it's good, benevolent music no matter the genre.


The exact opposite of the vicious playlist Spotify shoved into my face.

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I respect your decision. And I may be right behind you. Thanks for the tip. I am also relying more on my iTunes playlists. Take care. Spotify just leaves a bad taste in my mouth now.

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Hate to inform you but it is not only on Spotify (which has now added podcasts for 'educational purposes' ...yeah right. Cough Brainwashing) but also Amazon, Apple Music, likely Pandora and Tidal which are the big ones. If they are owned by a major media conglomerate or celebrity (like Tidal) then you can bet they are pushing it as well. The only way these tech and media companies ever get it is if we take away their funds which we are now starting to see happening. But they don't care because after all,  they are paid to promote this nonsense and sew racial division.

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There is some progress, This political **bleep** vanished from all my mobile devices, but I just started up my PC and it's still there.

I really do not want to cancel my sub, but if this platform keeps shoving this racist**bleep** down my throat, I am out.

I am on Spotify to listen to music I like and I pay for that, not to be "educated" by someone with very questionable credentials.

Keep your personal believes out of my music spotify!