Is rap really overrated?


Is rap really overrated?


I listen to both UK and US music and I do not think rap is overrated at all.

Do you agree?

Also leave a LIKE please if you agree. It would really help prove that rap is still really popular.



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Re: Is rap really overrated?

It's overrated. Yes, there's a talent to actually being able to rap (talk fast and rhyme), but there's a lack of musical talent, with most rappers, and the content if most rap is silly. Back in the 80's, there was some cool rap, not that I listen to it, regularly or even somewhat often.
Genres that use instruments and singing, without autotune, like Country, Rock, and Metal are where it's at.

Check out some Alabama, Van Halen, and Iron Maiden, for instance.
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Re: Is rap really overrated?

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There is already a thread around that same topic and I've said what I think of the issue in there, but oh man:

Genres that use instruments and singing, without autotune, like Country, Rock, and Metal are where it's at.

That sounds so harsh. 😨


The instruments don't make music. Computers don't make music, especially not by pushing the "Make Music!" button (not talking about AI here..). It's all up to the individual using those tools to decide how to use the tools they have. Be it the Autotune tool, a sampler, a Casio keyboard or anything, really. Mayo could be an instrument if you are creative enough. If the result sounds good, who cares what instruments the artist used or avoided.


If the result is bland however... Yes it's easy to blame the overuse of tools. It could as well be the case. : )

Look at how various plugins and tools are marketed. "This will help you make the best sounds", "This will make your life easier", "Every producer needs this to sound good!"

Makes it easy to buy the thing and use the "stock settings" to make the next tune.. forgetting that 1000 other artists might do the same thing.

I have stepped in the same bucket - true, not music, but drawing tools. I buy a box of fancy pencils because they were advertised to be what I need.
Well... 💸

What the individual must have is the ability to be critical and creative.

I don't need all this crap to make good things. I could simply learn how to use the existing tools better.


Another thing that comes out from the conclusion is that... In every genre there's bad/poor music and a smaller quantity of good music. Excellent forward-looking music usually makes only a small percentage.


Hiphop/rap is.. definitely question of taste.

I see listeners who just have rap as a background for their day.
Also joined a listening party of someone whose favourite music was modern rap. I didn't like majority of what I heard, but I could definitely see what he loved about the songs - it mostly boiled down to lyrics.

I listen to some hiphop and I am all about the flow and production. I care a bit less about lyrics because.. most of the time I need to look them up to understand, and even then it's not always guaranteed I understand everything. 😅


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