Just some questions


Just some questions


Hi everyone, hope you're all well. 

I'm new to spotify and I just have a few questions that FAQs and googling isn't answering.


Basically I just want to know if I upgrade to premium, and download songs, do they get added to my "local files" and thus I can add them to my ipod, or is it just to play them offline through the spotify app? Also do the songs I download stay forever, or do I lose access to them once my premium subscription runs out. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appriciated. 


I wanna wipe my ipod and update it completely a-fresh so I'm wondering if spotify is the way to go or not


Thank youu

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Offline playlists with Spotify Premium does not add content to local files, you can't listen to any Spotify catalogue content outside of the Spotify apps.

You will also loose access to your offline playlists anytime your subscription expires (but of course you can still listen online with Spotify free!).

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