Let's Play a Game - Guess That Song (Collaborative Playlist Game)


Let's Play a Game - Guess That Song (Collaborative Playlist Game)


I have an idea for a game that involves a playlist. If you're interested, let me know.

The idea is that I post random information about a song, then all of you try to be the quickest to post the right answer (the song), but post it on this collaborative playlist.



Don't post anything, until I ask a question, of course. Also, I will delete the wrong answers, so that it doesn't get cluttered, and so others don't think they should give up on answering. This game can go on and on. I will host, when I'm on here, from time to time. You just join in, if you see the post and see that the question is still unanswered.


I will post that something is still not correct, as soon as I notice it. That way you'll know that you can keep trying. If someone did get it correct, I will post the user's name (as it is listed on Spotify).


That user can post a reply to my comment of who got it correct, but keep it to one reply for that one user. Well, I hope you enjoy it.

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