Looking for music sharing partners.


Looking for music sharing partners.


Wardco Studios Spotify Collaborative Playlists for Serious Musicians. This is free, we are looking for sharing partners. Please read below or see

Hi, I’m the office manager for a music studio who have dealt in CD’s for years however we are moving to streaming music, primarily Spotify. Before I go any further, this is free, yes it will stay free. I don’t want your money, I want your shares, follows and likes! Now down to business.

I’m sure many of you are tired of following someone and them following you then the other person stops following you or drops your song for a collaborative playlist. Or better yet you make a Spotify collaborative playlist and then your Spotify playlist is hijacked and filled with songs of another genre. So, we have started a webpage for serious musicians to join us in share and share featuring Spotify music which primarily focuses on rock, blues, country, folk, etc… We have nothing against rap much but it’s not in our studio's genre. We are looking for blues, rock, folk, country rock, folk rock, blues rock, etc..

Here is the deal, I’ve been doing promotions before there was facebook, twitter, etc.. Our playlist will be promoting on multiple social media platforms daily as well as paid advertising and you have to share our playlist and music in return.

If you are interested you can fill out the form at