[Metal] What Are You Listening To?


[Metal] What Are You Listening To?

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Artist: Iron Maiden

Release: Rock In Rio

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Artist: Carcass
Release: Surgical Steel (Complete Edition)
Year: New 2015
Labels: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Style of Music: Melodic death metal
Origins: Liverpool, England

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Artist: Saxon
Release: Battering Ram
Year: New 2015
Labels: UDR GmbH
Style of Music: Heavy metal, leading to power metal on this release.
Origins: South Yorkshire, England

I like this release has a nice return to a heavy power metal/hard rock feel to it.

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Artist: Vader
Release: A somewhat non-complete collection of Vader content available on the Spotify service for U.S. listeners
Year: 1992 - 2014
Labels: Earache, Relativity, Carnage, Baron, Metal Mind, Hammerheart, Pavement Music, Nuclear Blast, Avalon Marquee, Regain, Mystic
Style of Music: Death Metal
Origins: Olsztyn, Poland

Sadly only about half of Vader's content is available to U.S. listeners at the moment due to the odd licensing of some of the band's releases. This playlist includes the releases of The Ultimate Incantation, Reborn In Chaos, The Beast, XXV, Necropolis (Bonus Version), Welcome to the Morbid Reich (Bonus Version), Tibi Et Igni (Bonus Version), and a couple of b-side demo tracks from singles released from the two previous releases. 


Edied to add, artist page has been updated with added missing material, only a couple of studio albums missing now. Vader artist collection playlist updated to reflect content added to the Vader artist page.

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Artist: Vanden Plas
Release: A discography collection of material available to U.S. listeners.
Year: 1994 - 2015
Labels: Inside Out music, Frontiers Records, 
Style of Music: Progressive Metal
Origins: Kaiserslautern, Germany

Includes the new release of Chronicles of the Immortals: Nether World (Part 2) added to the artist page Friday, Nov.6. 

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Artist: Steeler - the U.S. based band
Release: Steeler
Year: 1983
Labels: Shrapnel
Style of Music: Heavy Metal
Origins: Nashville, TN

The band with Ron Keel - Vocals, rhythm guitar, Yngwie Malmsteen - Lead Guitar, Mark Edwards - Drums, and Rik Fox - Bass

The self titled release showed up on the Spotify service November, Friday the 13th, 2015.

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Artist: Keel
Release: Lay Down The Law
Year: 1984
Labels: Shrapnel
Style of Music: Heavy Metal
Origins: Los Angeles, California

Debut release by Ron Keel showed up November, Friday 13th, 2015

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Artist: Devin Townsend Project
Release: Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Year: New Nov. 13th, 2015
Labels: HevyDevy Records and InsideOutMusic
Style of Music: Metal, extreme metal, progressive metal, industrial metal, etc.
Origins: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Devin Townsend puts on a fantastic live show here from the famous Royal Albert Hall in London, England, where many great classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, hard rock, and metal bands have performed with full Orchestras before. The Beatles and The Stones performed together here for the first time on the same billing, Deep Purple, Cream Reunion, Opeth, etc. Note this show also exists as a live filmed video show released on DVD and Blueray Disc formats.

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Deleted post.



Here's some of the stuff I like. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

My Favorite Metal Songs


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Well Cloudscape's new release is here. The release it is different in some ways than what the band has done, but the release does have a slight progressive metal edge going on but in the band's own style in a way. A short 8 track offering with one track over the 11 minute mark and the closing track In Silence We Scream over the 9 minute mark. The band covers a little of everything with this release musically searing soaring metal, Epic type metal anthems, and a touch of metal progressive edge throughout.


Artist: Cloudscape
Release: Voice of Reason
Year: 2016
Labels: Dead End Exit Records
Style of Music: Melodic metal
Origins: Helsingborg, Sweden

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Artist: Firewind
Release: The Premonition
Released: March 21, 2008

Genre: Power metal
Label: Century Media

Producer: Fredrik Nordström


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Im listening to Pro-Pain atm





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Balls to the Wall

Released December 5, 1983
Recorded Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany, July–August 1983
Genre Heavy metal
Length 45:13
Label RCA (Germany)
Portrait (US)




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I thought I would post an update on some recently added content that I have been listening to from the last couple of weeks.


Saxon a couple of releases from the 2000's era of the bands work. 

Artist: Saxon
Release: Killing Ground
Year: 2001
Labels: SPV/Steamhammer
Style of Music: Heavy metal/power metal
Origins: South Yorkshire, England

This release is your standard metal style of music that would have fit in fine during the early 90's, but like most things music styles changed and this release does have a somewhat dated sound, but for fans of standard straight forward metal this release fits in just right. The band does a rather good cover version of King Crimson's - The Court of the Crimson King on this release.


Release: Into the Labyrinth 
Year: 2009
Labels: SPV/Steamhammer
Style of Music: Heavy metal/power metal

This release was much more generally received by critics and fans alike.  There is good decent straight forward metal with this release by the line up for this output.


Artist: Tygers of Pan Tang

Release: Noises from The Cathouse 
Year: 2016 Rerelease
Labels: Angel Air
Style of Music: Heavy metal/power metal
Origins: Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, England

Line up for this release:

Richie Wicks Vocals
Robb Weir Guitars
Deano Guitars
Brian West Bass
Craig Ellis Drums

This rerelease has several bonus tracks as well.


Last up is content by the now defunct band Riot, which some of the surviving members of the band have morphed into Riot V now, after the death of Mark Reale in 2012. A couple of releases from the mid 90's era of the bands output.

Artist: Riot
Release: U.S. version release of Nightbreaker
Year: 1993
Labels: U.S. version was released through Metal Blade Records
Style of Music: Heavy metal/power metal
Origins: New York City, New York

Lineup for this release: 


Release: The Brethren of the Long House

Year: 1995 
Labels: U.S. version released through Metal Blade records.
Style of Music: Heavy metal/power metal

Line up for this release:

  • Mike DiMeo – lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Mark Reale – guitars, backing vocals, producer
  • Mike Flyntz – guitars
  • Pete Perez – bass
  • John Macaluso – drums, cover art

Spotify has helped me broaden my music so much! I love this music app! Thanks Spotify

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Hey that is great to read, but what about the Metal music you are listening to currently? 🙂


I by the way have been listening to Vital Remains, a Death Metal band from Providence, Rhode Island, U.S. from a playlist collection of their content I have access to currently.


Casual Listener

Every kind of Metal, except Death and Black Metal. But my favorite is good ol' Thrash Metal \m/

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Here you go a band that mixes, black, thrash and extreme metal styles together: Skeletonwitch


The music style is sometimes called Blackened Metal, the last two releases by the band are the most developed music wise in my opinion, the music starts to blend better together, and more melody work gets done with the guitar parts. But since I do not reject any metal styles, I like their early work as well as it is raw and griity, similar to old school black metal, without the use of keyboard work that would become used often later on in the music style.


Or how about Havok:


Or how about: Municipal Waste, a hardcore thrasher side to this artist.


Or how about Gama Bomb:


I have not gotten to my Toxic Holocaust Playlist yet, but you might find something to enjoy:


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Artist: Celtic Frost
Release: To Mega Therion
Year: Originally released - 1985, rerelease - 1999
Labels: Noise 1985 - Sanctuary - 1999
Style of Music: Extreme metal, black/death metal
Origins: Zurich, Switzerland

I have been waiting and wondering if this re-release of To Mega Therion would ever show up for at least U.S. listeners. This is it the driving force behind so many Black and Death Metal bands that showed up on the scene. Listen and enjoy a classic that set a standard that many extreme/black/death metal bands have tried to usurp. This release includes the original 10 tracks, plus an extra track a re-recorded of Return To The Eve - 1985 Studio Jam, which that track was featured on the Morbid Tales mini-album.

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Hello to All!


A few releases that I have been listening to the last few days that have been added to the Spotify service, and/or re-added back. This information of course comes from a U.S. account. So users outside the U.S. should double check their region availability from your current listening regions to be sure of availability for you, or double check artists pages to see if a slightly different version of these releases has been recently been made available to you for listening.


The first two releases are from bands that release new content in 2015, but extended deluxe version releases showed up Sunday the 27th for me on their artist pages.


Moonspell - Extinct (Deluxe Version) - 14 Tracks - Label - Napalm Records Handels GmbH


Powerwolf - Blessed and Possessed (Deluxe Version) - 21 Tracks - Label - Napalm Records Handels GmbH


These three releases by Iron Maiden pop up from time to time for U.S. listeners, two of the three releases showed up last week sometime, and the third showed up on Friday the 25th.


Brave New World - Label - Iron Maiden LLP, Sanctury Copyright, A BMG company.


Rock In Rio - Same Label information.


Dance of Death - Same Label information.


U.S. Spotify users are advised to listen to these three Iron Maiden releases if you are interested, they tend to show up and then disappear again rather suddenly.